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Evje & Hornnes

Evje og Hornnes is a municipality in Agder county, Norway. It is bordered to the north by Bygland, to the east by Froland and Birkenes, to the south by Iveland, Vennesla and Lindesnes, and to the west by Audnedal and Åseral.

  • 245 Fjellstad, hund ok. Wifi. Sauna.

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES 245 Fjellstad. Great log cabin overlooking a small mountain lake. Fits well up to 8 people. 2 cottage accustomed families. Terrace around the entire cottage. Internet. Dog allowed. Cabin appears pleasant with large windows and terrace that goes around the entire cabin. Nicely decorated with wilderness imprints. Fireplace stove with natural stone masonry tops the mood.
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  • 257 Evje centre. The entrance to Setesdalen

    Evje & Hornnes
    257 Evje centre. The entrance to Setesdalen EVJE & HORNNES 257 Evje centre. Cottage. Right by the center of Otra and Evje you will find this cabin. Sit and enjoy the tranquility of the river on the terrace down by the river or in the cottage. Take a stroll across the bridge and settle down on the terrace of Hotel Dølen and enjoy a better dinner, welcome. Evje is central in relation to the coastal towns of Arendal, Grimstad, Lillesand and Kristiansand. Kristiansand is also the gateway to Setesdalen from the continent. 1 hour from the ferry quay along RV-9 and you are in Evje. If you come via RV-42 from Arendal, it is a little longer.
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  • 301 Stemmen, Evje og Hornnes. dyr ok. Båt.

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES Cabin in scenic surroundings, Stemmen in Evje and Hornnes municipality. Are you looking for the genuine Norwegian cabin environment? Welcome. This is what we call good Norwegian nature cabin. Located in scenic surroundings by the water. Fishing. Experience nature and wildlife. And not least, peace and quiet. No cottage town this, nor luxury. But good Norwegian cabin tradition. Free fishing license included. The cabin also has a rowboat you can borrow. This is a cabin for those who like to be out in nature.
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  • 410 Hodnekilen, tønnebadstue, badestamp, robåt.

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES 410 Good Norwegian cabin tradition with Finnish Sisu. Barrel sauna, bath tub, rowboat. Kile Fjord. Right by the water and with a fantastic location with its own stand. Boat available during the summer months. Salmon, trout and other fish abound in Otra. Fantastic location, right by Otra you will find this cottage with sun from morning to late evening. Welcome.
    Dog not allowed
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  • 412 hytte Evje. Agder Fylke. Tønnebadstue. Hund ok.

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES 412 (460B) Hodnekilen. Cozy charming cabin in good Norwegian cabin tradition. Hodnekilen. Kilefjorden. boat. Dog okay. Barrel sauna Charming beautiful cabin with associated barrel sauna, boat, located in close proximity to Kilefjorden. A lot of animals in the area. And we mention forest birds, roe deer, moose, etc. Do you want proximity to nature and quiet days and a scenic adventure trip with good about animals. This charming cabin just before Evje, and a few hundred meters from FV-9 at Evje.
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  • 452 Kilefjorden, Evje

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES Cabin 452 Kilefjorden in Evje & Hornnes municipality. Setesdalen, Evje and Hornnes municipalities are known as a very interesting and exciting area for mineral exploration. The district is also known for its many mines. Some are still available for pulikum. The cabin is located by Kilefjorden, good starting point for fishing and nature experiences near Otra. In the older days, the railway route ran below the cabin. Now local road into the cabin area which is located a little south of Kilefjorden camping. Municipalities of Evje and Hornnes
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  • 463 Småbruket Moisund. Hund ok. Wifi

    Evje & Hornnes
    EVJE & HORNNES 463 The Small Farm. Sleeps 10 people. Dog okay. Great location in Moisund. With a short distance to mountains and nature. Short distance to Evje mineral park. And as most people know, Evje is Mineral Centre in Agder. The municipalities around Evje are full of history, mines, memories of old mining and some are open to the public. If you are going on a quiet family holiday, this can be a good place to spend a week. The mill is located high and free with stunning views of moor and nature. Experience the wild animals of the forest.
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