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The city of Farsund is the municipal centre of Farsund municipality, and a town in Agder with 3,422 inhabitants as of 1 January 2022. Statistics Norway considers the city of Farsund to be a village. The town of Farsund grew up by the navigable sound, hence the name Farsund. Farsund is known as Kaperbyen in southern Norway. Pirates are no longer seen along the era, but others may come! In our days and in summer, the annual Caper Days are arranged, with the Caper game and pirate trips for children, fun for young and old.

Farsund town can be found on the Lista peninsula. Along the peninsula you will find some of southern Norway's finest sandy beaches and spring meadow areas. A paradise for birdwatchers at the time of year when bird migration comes across Listalandet, and beach lovers who love the sea and beach.

is a village in Lista. Vanse has 2,059 inhabitants as of January 1, 2023. FV-43 passes through Vanse. TVanse is located 25 km from the E39, and approx. 7 km west of Farsund city. Vanse is also located 6 km east of Farsund Airport, the airport in Farsund located on Lista land. Here you will find street names such as Brooklyn Brigde, 8avenu, Trunken shopping, Larsens Backery and various restaurants as well as American cars at Lista you also get a taste of American culture. And it all comes to a head during the annual American festival with July 4th as the highlight. In Vanse, 17 May and 4 July are celebrated

  • 145 Lista. Vanse - Farsund.

    Lyngdal, Farsund
    Family friendly holiday home for families of 6 - 8 people. Optionally 2 couples with 2 children. In addition, there is available baby travel cot. Idyllic and sunny with great views of Lista lighthouse. After highly coveted goals for many here in the south. The holiday home contains a spacious corner living room with sofa, chairs and dining table. Wifi, TV with T-w from Telenor with Netflix and various channels.
    Dog not allowed
    31 Price. min 3 days

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