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Lyngdal is a municipality and town in Agder county, Norway, Norway's second southernmost municipality. Lyngdal borders Farsund and Kvinesdal to the west, Hægebostad, Åseral and Evje and Hornnes to the north and Lindesnes to the east. On 1 January 2020, the old Lyngdal municipality was merged with its northeastern neighbouring municipality Audnedal. Lyngdal literally stretches from sea to moorland. The southernmost point of the municipality is Bispen at the far end of the archipelago, not far from Lindesnes lighthouse, while the northernmost point is just north of the hamlet of Sveindal at the border with Åseral municipality. As the crow flies, this is a distance of around 65 kilometres. In an east–west direction, the municipality extends over two miles, from Stangelifjellet at Åptafjorden in the west to Storevatn at Homeland in the east. The municipality has four urban settlements: Lyngdal with 5,114, Skomrak with 236, Svenevik with 327 and Byremo 279 with inhabitants as of 20 December 2019.

  • 095 Naglestad - Mydland, Lyngdal

    LYNGDAL 095 Lonebakken 62. Naglestad - Mydland. This is a real Norwegian cabin in scenic surroundings. Large terrace and hot tub as well as bonfire pan. Let the hustle and bustle of daily life go and lower your shoulders. And enjoy silence, tranquility and nature. In winter, there is a short distance to prepared ski trails in the area. And summer invites to stroll and experiences in the local wildlife through various hiking trails and fishing lakes nearby.
    Dog not allowed
    1 Nok
    min. 2 dg.
  • 151 Audnedalsvn. 3021. Konsmo. Lyngdal. Hund ok.

    LYNGDAL 151 Lindåsknuden, Øydneskleiv is a great place. Located at the end of Øydnavatnet in Lyngdal municipality. Short distance to beautiful beaches and outdoor areas. Canoe rental available. 3 bedrooms. Accommodates 6 + 1 child in cot. Rural idyll.
    1 Nok
  • 303 Kvås. Lyngdal. Hund ok. Båt.

    LYNGDAL 303 cabin with short distance to a lovely fishing lake.. In the water there is also a 13 foot boat available. Here you can enjoy a fishing rod, swimming or just a lovely trip on the water. The cabin is located high and sheltered in the terrain. Approx. 100 m to walk from the parking lot. A little steep hill up to the cabin.
    1 Pristabell i hovedsiden - annonsen
  • 304 Feriehus Kvås i Lyngdal. Båt.

    LYNGDAL Vacation home 304. Sit out on the stairs and let your gaze rest over the valley. Observe deer and other wild animals in the valley in front of you. This house of yesteryear has been carefully renovated to today's standards. But the soul of the house is well taken care of. Come and experience nature, peace and quiet. De-stress and recuperate for a new year of work. Let your family and children experience nature. Head up to the water and swim, enjoy the water and nature. There is also a boat available.
    Dog not allowed
    1 Price after maintext
  • 621 Lyngdal, Øyna vatnet. Norge

    LYNGDAL Lyngdal, Agder, Norway. Oyna watered. One should have one's own means of transport to be able to explore the various attractions in the area. We believe it is suitable for up to 8 guests, 4 bedrooms, 4 beds, 1 bathroom A pleasant house from ancient times. Nostalgia. 1700-1800-1900s carefully put together in harmony and respect for the history of the house. Charming kitchen from the time before running water. The "Fire Room" is an old room that was used as a mine from the 1800s. Now it's a living room. One knows historical buzz and nostalgia. Charming kitchen
    Dog not allowed
    1 pris i hovedsiden

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