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Setesdal is the name of the valley along the Otravassdraget from Evje in the south to Hovden in the north. The valley is located in the county and landscape of Agder and in the region of Sørlandet. On both sides of the valley are Setesdalsheiene. Setesdal includes the municipalities of Evje and Hornnes, Bygland, Valle and Bykle. Highway 9, Setesdalsveien, is the valley's main communication artery from Kristiansand and through the whole of Setesdal to Haukeligrend in Telemark in the north. Setesdal is known for its traditional

  • 110 Ose i Setesdalen. hund ok. Robåt.

    SETESDALEN Cute, little cabin in Ose by the Åraksfjord This is a cute little cabin that invites you to a lovely family holiday. Rowing boats including life jackets must be brought. Short distance to sandy beach, playground and fishing opportunities. Large terrace around the cottage offers many seating areas and lovely, relaxing atmosphere. The view is also gorgeous. High mountains that can be seen no matter which terrace you choose for coffee. The fire pit lifts the mood as the evening's calm descends and you plan the next day's activities.
    1 per night
  • 240 Koie with barbecue hut and sauna. Urban land. boat. Dog ok.

    SETESDALEN The cabin is located by itself in the middle of the forest, a short distance from FV-9 and the road all the way to summer. log cabin in Setesdal with barbecue hut and sauna. Cozy little cabin in the middle of a small grove. Wonderful scenery and good hiking around the cabin. Secluded location. about 200 meters to Otra. The Otra is a famous river in South Norway. A lot of fish. The cabin is further suitable for nature people, not running water or electricity. Setesdal is beautiful and has a lot to offer on fantastic scenery, views, wildlife, mountain-climbing, mountain hiking etc. Dog ok
    1 Price after Text
  • 241 Bygland, Setesdalen. inkl. Robåt

    Evje & Hornnes, Setesdalen
    SETESDALEN 241 Byglandfjord, Setesdalen. incl. Rowing boat Located approx. 200 m from the Byglandsfjord. Fish-rich fjord in the middle of South Norway. A nature paradise in the middle of Setesdalen. Norway. Byglandsfjord is known to many as the heart of Setesdalen. The Byglandsfjord is a paradise for the nature-loving holidaymaker. Here you can swim, fish and experience magnificent scenery in the middle of lovely Setesdalen. Beach approx. 200 m from the cottage. Rock climbing, mountain climbing on steep mountainsides etc. Troll active at Evje with many good offers, among others. rafting - riding, etc.
    1 Price in main text
  • 243 Byglandsfjord. Setesdalen

    The place is an inland dream. Panoramic view of the Byglandsfjord. Lovely little child-friendly beach. This is a cabin according to good old Norwegian standards. A family idyll. Welcome to the West Side. Beach life, swimming, fishing and relaxation are keywords here. The view is absolutely stunning no matter what season you choose to holiday. Cottage provides a pleasant family holiday with a high coziness factor.
    1 NOK
  • 252 Brokke - Suleskar Hund ok.

    SETESDALEN 252 Cabin. Along the Brokke - Suleskar road. 1,5 km from parking lot to cottage in winter when the Brokke - Suleskar road is closed. In summer, the cabin is located by the road. From the cabin to the parking lot and Brokke ski facilities and alpine treks it is about 2 km. Snowmobiles are possible to order for shipping equipment into the cabin in winter.
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